Inspections & Reports

Accuracy and quality are the bedrocks of our services.

Specialized Inspections

Residential Inspections

Purchase a home with confidence knowing you understand the investment you’re about to make.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Get the maximum amount for your home sale by finding potential issues  before you go to list it.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Take preventative action to keep your home in good shape by getting an annual maintenance inspection.

Enhanced Reports

Annotated Photos

Annotated photos help you understand the exact details of your home inspection report.

Reports Ready Fast

Once your inspection is complete, Your report will be ready within 24 hours.

Comprehensive Reports

We use Spectora software to create web-friendly reports with color-coordinated tabs that make reading and finding things easy.

Real Estate Agent Perks (Powered By Spectora)

Repair Request Builder

By working with us, agents can quickly put together repair requests using our integrated inspection report software. See the video below for instructions.

Agent Co-Branding

Stay on top-of-mind with clients and align yourself with our cutting-edge technology and the latest tools. Clients can click directly from the report to email or call you with questions.

Report Filters

Easy filters allow you to dynamically change the report to only show your major safety items or all defects.

How Our Reports Help Agents

  • PDF & PDF Summary
    View the PDF version of the report or download the PDF Summary to attach to your state’s repair request document.
  • Summary
    Quick summary shows you how many items were inspected (may not show on your inspectors reports, as this is an optional feature) so it keeps the defects in perspective to your client.This also shows you how many big ticket items you need to negotiate for.
  • Table Of Contents & Jump Links
    A side table of contents allows you to easily jump to any section to quickly see images and get the information you need.